The Holiday Break

Sorry to my regular readers for another hiatus, but it was the holiday season for many people, myself and my family included.

This year we headed back to Waterloo earlier in the month and returned just after Christmas.  We managed to dodge some dicey weather at both ends – somewhat.  Starting two days before we were scheduled to leave, and extending through the night to the next morning we got our first real snowfall here just north of Thunder Bay.  In the city I don’t believe they received as much snow as we did here.  I’m not too guilty of exaggeration when I say that it was close to 30cm.

I ploughed twice the day the snow began, and the next morning when I thought that it would be easy for Donna to leave for work, I was quite surprised to see all my work from the day before had been undone overnight, and I had to spend another couple of hours clearing the driveway again for her to be able to get out.

I then pressed into service our roof rake again and cleared the porches and yurts from the majority of snow that had built up.  It was about at this point that Kenny came outside and wondered where everyone had gone and left him unsupervised!

We had a very nice breakfast with Mummu and Grandpa, and then Grandpa and I attempted (unsuccessfully) to get Kenny’s bed into his room.  It was too large to fit up the stairs without some extended thought!

I suggested he could try to think of ideas for how to get it upstairs while we were gone, and we headed off to the aeroport.

In Waterloo, my parents took us in again for the next week and a half, and we had a wonderful time.  Kenny was nearly relentless in trying to get Papa versed in the ins and outs of Minecraft.  It remains to be seen just how much actually stuck.

It was a real pleasure to catch up with friends and family.  Highlights include breakfast with C! and J! W! – as well as going out with my brother and friends  BY! and JC! again.  Of course, Christmas with family was awesome.  Kenny got to spend extra time with Aunt A! and Uncle C!, as well as all of us over at Aunt V!’s to have a meal and play Nintendo and Pictionary with her friend R!  We enjoyed that so much that we downloaded a Pictionary type app for it on Nana’s iPad and were able to have a blast ChromeCasting it to both her, and Uncle C!’s television.  It was also really nice to see Great Grandma Garstin again, it’s too bad we missed the visit of my cousin H! and her new husband and baby.  And who could forget Donna, Kenny and me going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Aunt V!, R! and B!

Alas, while we ended on a high note, seeing most of Nana’s side of the family at Aunt P!s, we had to be up early the next day to catch our flight back home.  Here’s a shout out to Aunt S! for being a regular reader!  I hope everything works out with the new hip and the old job…

Arriving home bright and early, we visited a few stores to purchase items we thought we would need as soon as we got back to the cabin, and in doing so, managed to pass enough of the morning to finally be able to enjoy the buffet at Mr. Stir Fry with Mummu and Grandpa Oiva.

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