Installing The Last Of The Kitchen Cabinets

With the junction of the floor and walls finished around the kitchen corner, and the corner cabinet in place, it was a simple job to install the remaining two cabinets.

Levelling of course took a bit longer, and in fact, there is still one corner that is much higher than I’d like, but I can’t see how it can be properly adjusted, and so I have the support post there a tiny bit off the floor and hope that it settles over time.

Testing the fit of the drawers and door.

I next decided to install the drawers on the smallest cabinet to see just how high up the front of the cabinet they came.  Of course, they came up nearly flush with the top.  This was fine, but it did mean that I had to accomodate this situation before I could install the countertop.  As with many laminate countertops, this one had a rounded over front edge, that extended downwards a half inch.  You can imagine my disgust if I had installed it, only to find that it prevented my drawers and doors from opening!

It wasn’t a big challenge to install some 3/4″ strapping all around the key points of the counter.  I had purchased a bundle of this strapping at a ridiculously low price and keep finding more and more uses for it.

Strapping to the rescue!

Now that the unit was all screwed together, and to the wall, it really began to feel sturdy and to give a good idea for where the kitchen was heading.

Really feeling solid now.

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