Integrating Child Labour Into My Work On The Kitchen

With the corner cabinet in place, the next logical step was to attach the two cabinets that were to reside on either side of it.

Before I wanted to get them settled into place though, I wanted to try to seal the junction between the walls and the floor with a bit of caulking, as well as a rough “baseboard” – it wouldn’t be visible really, under the cabinets and all, but I wanted something a bit more substantial than just the caulking.

First up was trimming off the foil and plastic air barrier that extended out below the wall boards and onto the floor.  This would have been so much easier if I had done it before the cabinet was put in place, but I was so happy to have Grandpa’s help at that moment, that I didn’t think that far ahead.

Luckily my head JUST fit under the cabinet, but that still didn’t get me far enough under to reach the very corner.

Not quite close enough.

That’s when I had the bright idea of fitting someone smaller into that spot – Kenny was more than happy to take a break from his studies (still Minecraft!) and come over to help me out.  With my direction, he did a fantastic job of trimming the air barrier to size, as well as helping to adjust the corner support post.  I was so happy and impressed with his work.

The pro at work!
Trimming off the excess air barrier.

Once the hard stuff was done, I tried to caulk underneath.  Unfortunately, the space didn’t permit the caulking gun to get the right angle, so I ended up spreading the caulk mostly with my finger and lots of grunting and groaning, and then a sticky cleanup.

Rats, the tip doesn’t quite line up.

I was able to fit the brad nailer though, and so the baseboard went on tickety-boo.  I was happy with the result, and was able to proceed with the installation of the other two cabinets.

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