Limiting A Multiple Button Timer Switch

In the aftermath of the second great flood of our cabin, I had time to think about other ways in which I could try to head off future issues.

I had noted that with the size of the new water tank and the speed of the pump, it would be the rare time that anyone would ever need to run the pump for longer than five minutes.

The only switch I could find went two levels beyond this though, with a ten and fifteen minute option.

During our installation of the corner cabinet, we had bumped up against the head cable switch and pulled the buttons right off of it.  I was able to find the buttons and snap them back in place, but now that memory came back to me.

These things just pop off!

With a fine screwdriver, I coaxed off the buttons for the pump switch and examined them more carefully.  They had long plastic tabs on the back side that would press microswitches within the switch body itself.

I only really need those bottom three buttons.

The unadultrated switch from behind.

With side cutters, I removed the top two tabs for the ten and fifteen minute settings.

No more tabs!

I replaced the switch, and hit up the ten and fifteen minute buttons to no effect – a success!

You can see the little light at the bottom doesn’t change, even with the 15M button fully depressed!

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