Ugh. Plumbing In The Crawlspace.

I headed to Home Depot first thing in the morning and dropped more money than I care to admit on plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, and a countertop.  It took me two trips through the checkout and then another trip to Maier Hardware to finally get everything I was going to need.  Basically blew out the morning!

I arrived home to literally pass Donna on our driveway as she left to take Kenny to a homeschooling meetup at the Makerspace at the Waverly Library.

I had a quick cup of tea to gather my thoughts, then began the hard work that was going to be needed to get things done under the floor of the kitchen.

Let me assure you that I was not looking forward to returning to the crawlspace.  It is not a pleasant place to be.  Thankfully, I didn’t listen when someone suggested that I could get away with half the cost of the foundation for the cabin by only putting in a single layer of cinder blocks.  Even the double layer I insisted on makes for a very tight fit to get any work done.

Not to mention the dust.  And gravel just calling out to destroy my knees and back.

Anyway, I pulled out the existing drain connection from the kitchen.  It was a hacked together frankenstein where I had the sink draining into 1″ poly pipe, and then an adapter down below where the poly pipe drained into a regular 1 1/2″ ABS drainpipe.  I replaced this with standard ABS – but I did have to drill a new, larger hole through my floor.  Yuck!

My first chore under the cabin was to add the final pieces of foam insulation along the outer walls.  This was not too bad really, and it’s nice to know it’s finished.

Next I used some screws to put up a piece of veneer that had come loose and was exposing the insulation in the floor.

Then I cut off the main water line from the sauna.  The Rubicon had been crossed – we were no longer going to be getting water from the tanks in the sauna – we had to fend for ourselves!

I did take the time to cut that line shorter, fold it over and clamp it, so that if or when sauna water returned, it wouldn’t drain out into our cabin crawlspace.  At some point in the future I can go down under the floor of the sauna and cut the line there as well.  I’ll probably even try to pull out that line at the same time, but we’ll see.

I drilled a new hole for the new waterline in the corner of the cabin, carefully arranging it so that there would be room for it to pass through my particulate filter before continuing on up to the holding tank above.  I also took this opportunity to drill another hole by the south wall close to the patio door to feed the electrical line up to the receptical that we’ve opted to place there.

Getting dark outside.

Back under the cabin I cut the water line from the new well a bit shorter, and with Donna’s help, pushed the off-cut up from the crawlspace and into the cabin.  She pinched her finger but managed to stick with a challenging job – kudos!

See that light far off over there?  Yeah, that’s me!

I then threaded the new water line through the stiff grey pipe I had bought to lend more support to the poly pipe.  This proved a challenge as the grey pipe was a ten foot length and there are lots of obstacles down there.  I ended up cutting the second piece of grey pipe down to about 7 feet, but everything looks well aligned.

In a burst of energy, I connected the feed line from the well to the line we had just put in through the floor.  And then in a moment of inspiration, I connected the power for the kitchen directly to the well pump (when I removed the wiring in the kitchen, I turned off its breaker.)

So, upstairs, I made a systemic loop by pushing the end of my poly pipe from the well into the open drainpipe.  Then, with fingers crossed, I asked Donna to flip the breaker for the kitchen circuit.

Wow!  I could feel and hear water flowing!  Something worked!

I then pulled out a bucket and Kenny photographed proof of my concept!

We have water!
Yes, that’s just how filthy my butt gets from scootching around in the crawlspace.

That was enough for one day…  A submarine sandwich and a trip to sauna rounded things out.

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