Assembling Ikea Cabinets

In an effort to streamline the kitchen, we opted to purchase presized and made cabinets from Ikea.  This was also facilitated because Ikea had the best deal on a corner sink that we were able to find.

Our existing sink was placed directly under the kitchen window, which at first made sense to us, but as it turns out, the driveway runs away from the front of the cabin at an angle, and so standing at the sink put us in the wrong position to look out and down the driveway, which feels like the more interesting and important view.

With a sunny day dawning, I began unpacking the boxes.  I even opted to follow the instructions as carefully as possible!

First up was the small cabinet on the south wall.  This was to cut my teeth on the process.  It went just fine!

Kenny?  Can you take a break from Minecraft to help me?

Kenny?  (…crickets…)

This doesn’t look like an allen key!

Then I did the larger cabinet for the east wall.  I found it curious that while this was an identical cabinet sizing notwithstanding, putting one set of brackets in place was in a different order from the previous cabinet.

Yeah!  My favourite assistant appears!

Finally, with Donna’s help at certain key points, I assembled the corner cabinet.

We flipped the sink upside down and placed it on the corner cabinet to get a feel for positioning.  I fear that the sink may be set in too far, but only using it will really tell us for sure how it is.

Won’t fit this way, time to flip it!

Next I removed the existing sink and counter that Grandpa had so nicely built for us two years ago.  It has found a new home on the porch, but I’m sure that’s not the last we’ve seen of it.

Hrm, that wiring doesn’t look like it meets code.

Donna helped me to push the units close to their final positions just to get an overall feel for how tiny the kitchen would be.  And yes, it will be tiny!  But still will have far more space than what we’ve been use to.

I can already imagine the delicious meals that will be prepared here!

Now it’s time to move on to the plumbing and wiring…  Not to mention trying to cut my teeth on a countertop!

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