An Inexpensive Well Skimmer/Cleaner

While I still haven’t finished all the other projects that will lead up to us actually using the new well, I haven’t forgotten it either.

After observing that some scum from my concrete patching and the clay soil still on the rock face was floating on top of what would soon be our drinking water, I took it into my head that we needed to do a bit of rudimentary cleaning before I’d be comfortable pumping that stuff through all my nice, new system.

I added to my shopping list a butterfly net, and have kept my eyes open for one the past week or two, but alas, November isn’t prime butterfly catching time (hmmm, with the trouble that Monarchs are in nowadays, is it even ethical to make a pasttime out of catching butterflies?)

So it was with some necessity and some invention that when Mama offered up a pair of hose with a run in them, I outlined a quick plan to attach them to a coat hanger and go to town.  This must have sunk in on Kenny more than I, as it was his suggestion in the middle of the day that we should try to assemble my described contraption and test it out.

I’m happy to accept motivation from wherever it may present itself, so I immediately agreed and we quickly snapped the nylons over a plastic rod, and with the help of some pipe clamps, had it attached to the leftovers of last year’s solar panel sweeping rods.

Kenny was excited to try it out, and managed to collect the two pine needles that he could obviously see.  I took over and got the rest to my satisfaction.

I spy with my little eye – a pine needle!

Of course, with this system I also plan on adding in a particulate filter in the pumping line.  I’m hoping that this will keep the tank cleaner than the existing system.

After that, we’ll test the water and see if we need to add in a whole house ceramic filter and pump.  I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.

I hope that CW! enjoyed his meal with my parents the other day – we’ll keep him in our thoughts for the next while :).

And the harvest!

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