Homemade Christmas Gifts?

It seems we have an unusual child – at least, he isn’t always what I would have expected.

It has been getting progressively harder to find gifts for Kenny as he matures and develops more and more specific tastes and interests.  This year is proving no exception.

In spite of asking him if there is anything he wants, and letting him leaf through toy catalogues, when pressed, he doesn’t want anything, or, if he says he is willing to accept something, he suggests that he would prefer something homemade to something purchased.

Oh what a strange and delightful dilemma!

I’m not sure why he is like this, but I’m not complaining at all.  I wonder if it is the lack of commercial television, or perhaps the homeschooling environment where he isn’t really exposed to cartoons or peers promoting different toys or gadgets?  Or are we just blessed with a unique boy?

In any case, to step up, I decided to try to build him something that he can genuinely use – a bed.  Since moving out of the yurts, he has simply been parked on a mattress on the floor.  Not the worst thing ever, but it isn’t exactly a super situation either.

I picked up a sheet of plywood, as well as a number of pieces of project pine.  This is teaching me that perhaps a planer wouldn’t be such a bad investment after all.  If I could be planing my own wood, it would soon start to save me some good money I think.

Getting good use from my Ryobi tools

In any case, I built a simple box with the plywood and boards, and included a small subdivider where he can store his nightlight, books, water bottle, ipod and things of that nature right alongside his bed.

I still have to sand and oil the project, and then attach some casters underneath to make it easy to roll out for making the bed, but hopefully he will appreciate the effort come next month when I finally surprise him with it.

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