The Law of Unintended Consequences Reveals Unknown Gaps in my Log Walls

Not much to report.  Still plugging away on the paneling around the cabin.  Trying to train myself not to put two “l”s in the word paneling when I type about it.

The other day it was very windy, and from the east side of the cabin, which isn’t nearly as common.  Most all of our weather comes out of the west.

In any case, large gusts of wind were blowing up against the side of the cabin where I have finished the critical paneling – it was the location where I had installed the foil with the thin veneer board over the top.

After a little while listening to the wind blowing outside, I realized that I could faintly, faintly hear the sound of foil waving in the breeze.  I shuffled closer to the wall and then it dawned on me – I could hear the foil moving ever so slightly between the veneer and the log walls as the wind outside blew through the cracks that were not evident on visual inspection.

This was a real winter wonderland of snow!

This makes me feel much, MUCH better about my whole plan to put up the air barrier and paneling.  If there were enough cracks that the wind could still move my foil, imagine how much heat was escaping unknown through them!

Trying to really lean into it to make sure the boards are nice and tight.

I continue putting up air barrier and paneling with more gusto now, having some real evidence that it must be making a difference to our comfort level.

Of course, when I got up this morning, it was down to 15 degrees inside the cabin.  Less than my target of 16 – but there is still the ceiling to be paneled, as well as most of the other interior walls with their barriers.  I’m sure those things will also make quite a difference.

Getting a phenomenal amount of use out of this brad nailer!

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