Vapour/Air Barrier Going Up

Continuing with my project of paneling the interior of the main part of the cabin, I have started to put up some 6mm plastic over the 1/2″ insulation that has been there since the spring.

While I don’t have too many illusions about the cabin being completely sealed up, I thought that putting a vapour barrier up would help to prevent any errant breezes from being able to blow between the logs, around the insulation, through the paneling, and onto my feet or head or basically any body part.

A fiddly area above the main beam. 
Wrapped past the corner a bit.

Late morning yesterday I managed to put up about half of the wall in plastic.  Enough that I can proceed with some more paneling (hopefully now that it has been inside for a few days and drying/warming by the fire, shrinkage will be reduced.)

Tuck Tape to ensure the overlaps were breeze tight!

After lunch I headed to the dump right away with my largest load ever – ten bags of garbage, plus enough recycling that I also filled the cab!  It was mostly a consequence of cleaning out the dojo tent.

Then I rushed to the city for jodo class.

It wasn’t until I returned home that I took the time to record photographically the evidence that I had accomplished something – can my astute observers see what we were watching on television last night?

Something, something, sweet babboo…

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