First Sticky Snow!

I woke early, glanced out the front window at the vehicles, and noticed that there was something a bit amiss about the profile of the Echo.

On further reflection, I could tell that it had a layer of something white draped across the top of it.

As the sun finally rose, we all were excited to see that there was a blanket of snow everywhere!

Always an interesting and sobering event here.

The novelty of the snow overcomes the discomfort of the cold 🙂
Well, maybe it was the 29th…

I incorrectly guessed that the date today was the 28th, and Donna traced it into the car for posterity.  Of course, I could try to argue that the snow probably started on the 28th, even if we didn’t notice it until today, the 29th.

This is also of note, because it comes over three weeks later than last year!

And a year ago it was much earlier!

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