Panelling the Interior of the Cabin

Inside the cabin, the decision was made early on that we would panel the walls.  It was obvious that the logs used, although they were rustically attractive, were not really suitable for being left bare.

As good as our construction technique was, there were still spots where hairline gaps remained that allowed our precious heat to escape, as well as the fact that they were rough and not even enough for most purposes.

By making the decision to panel the inside walls, we were also immediately opening up the opportunity to add a bit of insulation.  Something I began already last winter, but it’s been a slow process, and I must confess that really only the bathroom can claim to have the insulation and outside wall paneling completed.

Interior walls are for the more part fully paneled, to ensure privacy.  Exterior walls though only have the insulation installed.  At least, all but the “east” side.

During the construction phase, I hadn’t planned for the possibility of panelling or insulation, so when we installed the cookstove, I opted to use the minimal clearance between the stovepipe and the wall, plus an inch just for a margin of error.

As such, an inch isn’t enough space to add the panelling as well as a half inch of insulation.

Instead, I’ve opted to cover that wall entirely in aluminum foil (thank you Dollarama!) with the joints taped with foil tape.

Starting by the door.

Working around the fiddly sink and wires.

Over top of that, I have added 1/8″ white panel board to help “smooth” out the waves and imperfections in the wall.

Around the door.

And whiteboard halfway behind the stove.  Still working on it!

My plan now is to add on top of that some 11/16″ v-joint panelling, and that will take up up to 15/16″ of my allowable inch.  Perfection!

I still have a bit more panel board to do in the kitchen, but the tricky bits around the sink and electrical wiring have been completed, so hopefully it shouldn’t take too long to get past that phase.

The other driver for this particular portion of the project is the new water system – I plan on putting in the water tank above the kitchen sink, and I don’t want to install it until I have the wall behind it complete.  The tank is being modified at the moment, so I have a bit of time to work on this before diving into a major overhaul of our plumbing.

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