Laying in the Water Line

Unlike the current water line from the sauna to the original well, I have opted for the new water line from the cabin to the new well to be hidden and buried.

To facilitate this, I had the excavator carve out a shallow trench from the side of the well, all the way to the corner of the cabin where our greywater line had exited into the greywater pit.

With a surprisingly blessed sunny, almost warm day here, Grandpa, Kenny and I all grabbed our shovels and proceeded to take a huge chunk out of the leftover sand pile.

First we organized the electrical cables that needed to also be included in this operation.  I have decided to run a new cable into the cabin for charging the batteries from the generator – the existing one that ran over to the far side of the sauna was undersized really – and additionally to that, I could see a spot where the cord had rested against a hot part of the generator for some time and become partially melted.  Not something I wanted to rely on for the winter.  Also, it was just an inconvenient location for the generator to have to slog through the drifts of snow to reach it on the far side of the sauna.  Now I can move the generator around better and have a choice as to where I would like to place it, which can change depending on the needs and circumstances that may arise.

I also opted to run a line out to the deck to have an outdoor outlet there.  Occasionally I have run a cable through the window – but that’s a less than elegant solution.  I think it will be useful to have access to A/C power from outdoors without having to go through a door or window.

Then there was a line to power the pump in the well, and another line to power the heating cable in the well.  Four in total – plus the water line itself.

We had snaked the water line, pump wire and heating wire through a number of lengths of stiffer pipe to help protect and support it, and now we carefully pulled them into a long arc and began feeding the four cables and water line through the hole in the footing of the cabin and underneath.

I went down into the crawlspace while Grandpa fed the lines from outside.  It was a rather simple matter to pull them in and then head back outside.

With my level and a number of pieces of scrap wood, we ensured a good, consistent slope from the corner of the cabin down to the well.  Then we all pitched in piling sand underneath the line.  Once it was supported, we continued with our work until we had a good mound of sand over the entire length of the line.

Looking good from the cabin!
Grandpa then switched priorities to digging a trench from the greywater pit closer to the pond.  Donna and he had observed a few days ago that when she was doing laundry, the ground over the pit had gotten very wet – it appeared that perhaps the extreme compaction caused by the excavator driving over the pit area was causing the greywater to stop draining, or to drain rather poorly.

In spite of a long trench and a concerted effort with Kenny, Grandpa was unable to locate the original greywater pit.  He decided he would take up this cause again later in the week, but for now, I’m very pleased with all the work that we accomplished!

Raiders of the Lost Greywater Pit.

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