Putting up Winter Wood

As the summer winds down and we find ourselves at the Equinox, my thoughts turn to the winter ahead.

The past three winters we have spent here in Thunder Bay have certainly been different than we expected.  After what seemed to us to have been a continuing stream of mild winters, we moved here to encounter three very long, very cold winters in a row.  It was a real struggle to keep up with our firewood needs, and each year I have hoped that we’d have more of a margin ahead of the curve than we seem to wind up with.

This year, again, I am hoping that with further improving the airtight features of the cabin we can help to retain more of our heat.  Of course, I don’t want to rely on that, so I plan on filling all the woodsheds again.

Currently we have been burning up loads of slabs that filled our original woodshed.  They burn up fast and not nearly as hot as I would have expected.  They have been good for the sauna, but I don’t know if they would be nearly as fun to try to use in the cabin on a regular basis.  They are a valuable and bountiful resource at the moment, but I also want to be able to throw on the occasional log to see if I can keep a fire overnight.

In any case, in the bush there were some definite dead but standing trees that I had noted already last fall and winter, so I was quite ready to begin bringing them in for this year’s burning.

The first one I dropped and dragged in went well, but with no snow on the ground, dragging the bare log through the bush ensured much soil ground into the bark.  This dulled my chainsaw blade extremely rapidly, and got me rethinking a log arch.

For the next one, I decided that it wouldn’t be too bad to cut it up into four or five foot lengths and simply load them into my trailer.  This went much better, and part way through the exercise, Donna and Kenny showed up to bring me some refreshing water, and to photograph the endeavour.

Still not too heavy.

Nice day to take your chainsaw for a walk!

At this point I had cut up a fair bit of wood back at the cabin and both my chainsaw batteries were run down, so I brought back the wood and switched over to doing more interior work at the cabin.

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