A New Experiment in Drying Clothes

As part of the repercussions of moving the washing machine from the sauna to the cabin, we no longer are as encouraged to hang the laundry at the sauna to dry.  It is, and will continue to be, far more convenient to be able to deal with the damp clothes close to where they are washed.

Up until now, we have been hanging the clothes on a twenty five foot line I had strung up under the porch of the cabin.  It ran along the west side, but even so, it was under the porch roof, and didn’t receive much sunlight or breeze.

It also ran past our living room window and so our view was often blocked by the sight of my tidy whities enhancing our supper meal.

This past weekend I obtained the last few rough cut boards to complete the porch floor completely around the cabin.  This opened up that side for better access, and as such I mounted a new drying line to see how well it fit in with our lifestyle.

So nice to have these last boards down!

Normally it would be a no-brainer to put up a standard two reel line heading out to a far off, tall tree.  In our case though, I couldn’t come up with a very acceptable way of mounting the line so that it didn’t interfere with our ability to fully enjoy the porch.  With the initial setup, we still had a clothesline that was hanging down at face height all along that back edge, and I didn’t like the effect it was having on our feng shui.

So, this time I put up a wall mounted umbrella type drying on one of the support posts.  The caveat was that if I mounted it out from under the porch, we wouldn’t be able to reach it to hang the clothes.  If I mounted it under the porch, we couldn’t take advantage of the increased sun and breeze that clothes could get from being mounted away from the cabin.  There was also the added disadvantage that a mount under the porch would again disturb our ability to access that space.

It even has a nice cover when it folds up.

Lots of space when opened.

The solution I came up with – mounting the drying rack on a small piece of 4×4 cedar to match the porch post, and in turn mounting that on a pair of sturdy hinges so that the entire thing could be swung from inside the porch (for loading or in rainy weather) to outside the porch (for drying or to open up a walkway on that side of the cabin.)

The hinges let me swing it in and out with ease.

Two sets of latches ensured that the dryer would stay either in our out, in spite of breezes.  So far it has performed quite well and holds a very surprising amount of laundry.

The latch keeps it from swinging about.

For bedsheets and really heavy mats, we will likely continue to use the large, standard line out at the sauna or the folding stand we have used in the past.  But for our day to day laundry, I’m eager to see how the new mount works out.

Ahhh, air dried laundry!

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