Adding Solar Power to my Workshop

As long time readers will probably realize by now, I have pretty much replaced every component of our original solar power system over the past two or three years.

I have no regrets at all about this.  It was a great learning experience, and as our lifestyle has returned closer to “conventional” our power needs have also changed.

In fact, now it has proved to be a bit of a bonus that we grew the way we did.  With the construction of the workshop now far enough along that I can begin moving items inside, I also realized that I’m ripe for adding a second, backup power system there.

Note the installation of the panels – I agree that they are low, but the roof exposure was east/west, and I like the south mounting for maximum winter solar gain.  Also, I mounted the panels vertically one on top of the next, rather than side by side.  I did this so that as the shadows grew taller, I would still have one or two panels fully unshaded.

Looks like modern art with them offset like this, maybe I should keep it?

Hmmm, some wires are a bit short here.

Kenny learning about volts, amps, and how to use a multimeter.

Where the cables pass through the steel, I cut off the top of a pop bottle and screwed it into an access hole.  This should prevent any chaffing.

Orange Crush, if you must know.  (No overt political statement intended).

With the battery showing 12.7 volts, I headed off to supper with an extra spring in my step and excited to start plugging in my stuff right where I wanted to use it!

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