Finishing the Garage/Workshop Gables.

Grandpa dropped by the other morning and figured it was a good day to work on the last bit of tricky steel to get the gable ends of the workshop finished.  I wolfed the remains my breakfast and headed out to join him.

With careful measuring and a screeching circular saw, we first used up the last of my coffee brown steel to finish the front above the door.

Lots of head scratching about which direction the angles should run.
Switching to shears helped cut down on noise and frustration, but I still have the blisters a few days later!

A break for lunch, and then we completed the back.  I was out of brown at this point, so we switched to green (same as the roof).  On the back it looks like it was always meant to be that way anyway.

Instead of j-trim for the top edges, I just used up base and drip edge that I had to spare.  It looks just fine and nobody but a pro would even notice.

Nothing like dancing with himself!

A pair of antlers from Grandpa’s private stash, and things really started to come together!  Just need to figure out a door for it.

Kenny taking a page from classic Batman camera positioning.

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