Pizza on a Panini Press – Guilty Pleasures

Kenny wanted an early lunch today.  I acquiesced, as I had been hoping to try out a thought experiment I have been mulling for a little while.

With the nice sunny summer we have been having, I have been pressing the panini press into service to cook up all sorts of meals.  Tater tots come out excellent.  As do fish sticks.  Last night we did bacon wrapped chicken, which, while good, was overdone by the time we felt the chicken was cooked through and the bacon was well done enough.

I almost always try to put the food on parchement paper to assist with cleanup.  Things like the chicken though are very juicy and tend to overwhelm the paper.

Anyway, as you have guessed based on the title, I opened up a package of the cheap-o personal sized pizzas I remember so fondly from my university days.

Comfort food for higher education.

I put them on some parchment and headed over to the press.

Siamese Pizza!
Still conjoined – if I was on my own, this would count as one serving that way.

I often put a bowl or plate on the top element of the press to help push down even harder and ensure better heat contact.

Note the ceramic plate to add more pressure.

After ten minutes, Kenny noticed “a really good smell” so I slid the parchment containing the pizzas onto a cutting board, and from there, transferred them to plates.

Don’t peek!

The toppings stuck slightly but not at all tragically to the parchment paper.  Next time I would put them on for longer, but try to prop the lid up off of the cheesy toppings.

In spite of the so-so appearance, he said it was good and we should do it again sometime!

Based on Kenny’s approval, this will go into the repertoire of things to keep on hand for super quick, super easy meals.  Come winter of course, we’ll likely go back to making our own pizzas on homemade or tortilla crusts.


As per my friend Jeff’s inspired suggestion, I have simply been stacking these pizzas with the top one upside down.  Now it is only the pizza crust exposed to the panini press and the toppings are kept warm and smushy inside.  Much cleaner, and a good excuse to eat two pizza’s at once!

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