Aikihomestead Open

When prompted to name his favourite sport, Kenny invariably answers “golf!”.  While he’s never been able to play on a regular course, he has been playing mini-golf off and on for many years – starting back in Kitchener-Waterloo.  One of the things that he likes about golf (and games in general) is that he can take his time to think about and plan his actions, rather than feeling pressured to act quickly.

In any case, last week we were in the midst of a heat wave, so what better thing to do than to head off to the local garden centre – Vanderwees and enjoy spending an hour or two standing on the shade free course.  (I exaggerate – there were two spots that I was able to stand in the shade while Kenny made his shots.)

A hazard on the first hole!

Lining up the shot.

Just a slight, “within the rules” adjustment.

Preparing for the long drive.

“Did I remember to yell ‘four’?”

At last, back to my short game.

On the final hole, you simply hit your ball up a ramp, and then collected it to return to the office when it came out of the side of the outhouse at the top of the ramp.  Mine disappeared somewhere in the outhouse and never came out the side.  Gleefully Kenny declared that to be “infinite strokes” and won by an infinite margin.

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