Another Crack at a Solar Shower – Using a Pesticide Sprayer as a Pressurized Shower.

It’s getting hot and humid occasionally here now that we approach Canada Day.  I started to crave even the old bag solar shower I first used while we were still in the yurts.
Then, as happens so often, I remembered that I had come up with a solution years ago already.
Back when I worked for ProMark-Shankman (now ProMark Window Film and Blinds) I often used a large, black pump sprayer to install window films, and the water would get noticeably warm when the sprayer was left in the sun.
At the time I had a sailboat, and declared that if I ever was heading out into deep water, I would buy one of the pump sprayers to use just for showering.
The remembrance of that idea struck me the other day in the city and so I opted to purchase the cheapest pump sprayer I could find to test my concept out.

The cheapest I could find

It worked well the first sauna – but Kenny and I found that we did have to use the “pesticide” spray attachment, otherwise the water and pressure ran out much too quickly.
Next up, I painted the whole thing black so that it could better absorb the solar energy pelting us.

Thank you Plasti-Dip

All ready to heat up!

Of course, the next two days were overcast, and so last night I put two kettles of hot water into the sprayer and Donna and I both had mini showers in that manner.
I like the convenience, although having a more powerful shower, in the cabin would be even better, I don’t see how that’s realistically possible yet.
Donna *seemed* to think it was okay, she neither criticized it, nor praised it.  We’ll see how much we come to use it in the future.

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