Trying Some Apple Trees

One thing it seems our property suffers from is a distinct lack of diversity in trees.  Everywhere we look we see spruce, balsam, tamarack and pine, with the occasional birch or poplar thrown in for a tiny splash of “colour”.  We would very much like to see a bit more variety if possible.

At the same time, we also would like to someday see our property begin to produce more food for us to enjoy.

With those things in mind, we decided this spring to see if we could get some apple trees to survive down where the pond had been dredged out.

Apple trees like acidic, well drained soil, and that spot seemed to fit the bill fairly well.  Grandpa and I had worked some compost into that area almost two years ago, so it was probably the best area on the property to have a chance at supporting something different.

We headed down to Vanderwees Garden Centre and looked through their selection.  Of course, the pricing was higher than we would have liked, but they did have two different species that were hardy to zone 2.  A Norkent and a Kerr.  We picked the most vigorous examples of both, along with some specialized additives to help trees to thrive.

While there we also grabbed a couple of vegetables to experiment with my container gardening concept.

Back home I did a bit of research into how to plant these trees before I commenced with digging their holes.  Grandpa dropped by and we went outside to start on the process.  Mummu arrived shortly after to size up the situation, but both her and Grandpa headed home before we actually got the trees settled in.

Kenny and I tried to dig out the holes fairly larger than the root ball.  I removed all the rocks and roots I encountered, and then poured in some fresh soil, along with the other “Myke” supplement.  I carefully and gently set the trees in place, and then mounded up more of our purchased soil around the outside of the root ball.

20L of soil?  No problem!

Making sure she’s settled in.

Finally I smoothed out the area around each tree, trying to keep a small depression near the trees and then soaked the ground around them with our watering can.

Making sure they aren’t thirsty during their first night in a new home.

Now all we can do is hope for the best!  I’ll be sure to post when we see anything significant.

Some seed, some seedlings.

In the meantime, I’ve also planted up a number of our containers, and we’ll see how well that experiment works out.  Donna went beyond helping with the trees and containers by planting a few of the extra zucchinis along the edge of our new “orchard”.

Interesting to see where these guys go.

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