A (Very) Raised Bed

Donna headed off to town clothes shopping last week.  She was interviewing for a job and felt that she needed a new outfit to look professional.  Of course, Kenny and I think she looks beautiful no matter what she wears.

While she was gone, Kenny and I reverted back to our old ways from Kitchener.  I gave him some free time, then a quick lesson (some geometry – find the centre of a circle, bisecting an angle, etc.)  Then we did a “zone clean”.  I found that it was easiest to keep the house in order by dividing it into sensible “zones”.  Each room is usually a zone, same with hallways and such.  Anyway, we began with the master bedroom, which while clean, was certainly cluttered.  I removed everything that made sense, and then did the floors.  While I had everything out, I decided that we should try to do a temporary mock-up of an idea we had floated for some time – raising the bed so that there was more storage beneath it.

I put some sawhorses under the head, and then slid the dresser under the feet.  Then I cut off the existing legs of the bed so that it could rest perfectly on the dresser.

Got the old legs off – now to add a brace.

Next I built some replacement legs out of pairs of two by six poplar boards left from the sauna renovations.

Bit better view of one side.
And a support post under the centre.

The view from the other side.

When I was satisfied that they were stable enough, I replaced the mattress and sheets, stored a few items underneath, and reorganized my clothes rack so it lay parallel to the bed, instead of perpendicular to it.  This way the clothes weren’t hanging in my face.

It was high.  Very high.  It is slightly more than a metre (yes,  more than a yard!) to the top of the mattress.  This means we need a step stool at the very least to get in and out of the bed.


  • It has much more storage underneath.  I am thinking that I will probably put some shelves or something under my side to store off season clothes and personal items.  On Donna’s side we discussed last night that she could even put in a small rolling desk for doing her professional work.
  • It is far easier to make the bed.  Having it up at sternum height means no more bending over to tuck sheets in or fluff pillows or any of that stuff.
  • I am guessing that it will be at least marginally warmer.  I have repeatedly heard that this is why royal beds always appear so high, and why people use ottomans to raise their feet off the floor.


  • Higher stakes if you fall off the bed.  Hopefully we won’t have to worry about this.  I was concerned the first few nights if one of us forgot while getting out of bed in the dark to go to the bathroom, but we’ve adapted right away.

All things considered, Donna says she is really happy with the height.  I am thinking that perhaps what would be best would be to build up a one or two step platform on each side of the bed to ease getting in and out in the long term.

Kenny was nervous at first, but now he doesn’t hesitate to go mountain climbing into our bed whenever the mood strikes him.

Just a blur of activity!

Now holding still long enough for a picture.

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