A Garden Table For Kenny And Mama

Last year’s garden was a nice start, but it was a challenge to get down there to weed and water on a regular basis, and then when it did get wet, it didn’t drain so well.

In the fall when we visited the nearby garden centre, I noticed how well their plants did (albeit inside of a greenhouse!) growing in containers raised up on super convenient tables.  I mentally filed the tables for later thought, and lately it has come back to me.

When Kenny and I were at the hardware store picking up a few more supplies, I included some fence staples and a small roll of 1/2″ cage/fence/netting.

Unique form I suspect.

It was easy work to find some scrap wood around here to rig up a table.  While I cut the wood in the background, Kenny brushed up on his short game.  I cut it short when he started chipping in the mud and I could hear pebbles hitting the patio door.  (Surprisingly, Donna didn’t put an end to it when he did the same thing, splattering her lightly.)

Kenny was more than happy to assist in the hammering portion of the project.

I found some legs already conveniently cut to two feet long on my woodpile, so I requisitioned them for this project.  At first I was worried that it would be too low, but was happy to find that once I put some bins on top, the height came out just about right.

Kenny tested it for comfort and stability, and now it just remains to get it loaded with soil and plants!

Meets the Kenny Standards Council.

At the moment, I am thinking that the existing garden could be the start of our orchard…  We’ll have to try shopping for some apple or plum trees next month.

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