A Deluxe Upgrade to our (Humanure) Composting Toilet

My parents came to visit us this month!  It was just amazingly wonderful to have them here.  There wasn’t a moment that went by that I wasn’t totally appreciating their love and help around the homestead.

Disappointingly, for a few days leading up to their arrival my stomach was acting a bit dodgy.  This culminated in me becoming completely ill by the end of their first day here.  It was a physically miserable evening and night, but I was a bit better the next day and able to get myself more vertical than horizontal.  Fortunately Nana and Papa were very understanding, and both pitched in to help us out tremendously, even with me dragging myself around for most of their time here.

Papa took up residence in our bathroom again and finished doing much of the trim work – very appreciated where it finally sealed up the door gaps when someone was seeking privacy there.

I outlined some of my thoughts about upgrades to our toilet box, and he set to it right away.

It’s so nice to see Papa again!

First off he covered the whole area on that side of the bathroom, rather than just having a seat centred in the space.

Now marking off the seat.

Then he installed the seat with an extra hinge so that we could also easily access the bucket and lift it out.

Loads of space now!

It was a real improvement to have the height set exactly the same as the height of the bucket.  This had the effect of lowering our overall seat height, which had been uncomfortably high for Donna and especially Kenny.  Up until now I had built up under the buckets with a few pieces of scrap wood.  As well, the top of the old bucket was butted up against the top of my old box.  This had the unfortunate side effect of it occasionally getting hosed down by “accidents”.

And with the bucket in place.

Papa solved all these issues by lowering the seat until it rested directly on the rim of the bucket.  Now there is a vanishingly small space between the seat and the sides of the bucket.

Additionally, he cut a custom inset in the top of the seat to put our sawdust containers in.  These are some waste baskets I picked up at Wal-Mart that have good dimensions that allow us to put them in a narrow space, but still get a scoop in there to lift out the sawdust.

Just begging for someone to have a seat!

It turned out amazing!  Papa’s work has already made us more comfortable and improved the aesthetics of the cabin tremendously.

  I still have to do a bit of work to finish it off, but it has been a real pleasure to use.  I get excited to have an excuse to use it – so much cleaner and more comfortable and better organized than before.

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