Spring Cleaning The Yurts

With the sun and warmer weather, I can finally entertain the thought of cleaning up the yurts, which had become a catchall shelter and storage space over the course of the winter.  I look forward to a more permanent workshop coming hopefully this summer!

I pulled out the extra insulation we had added to the yurts the first fall.  Now they are back to the original wool walls and look really cozy again.  They won’t be warm in the winter, but now they look more like they belong on earth, rather than in interplanetary space :).

This is where Papa’s magic was made!

And restoring the big yurts walls!

Kenny and Donna came over to see how things looked.  There is still lots to straighten up, but at least the environment is brighter and airier.

You can see the insect damage on the screen here.

Of interesting note – it appears that pine beetles got trapped between the wool and the canvas.  As they climbed towards the light (from the windows) they were directed to the upper left corners of each window.  Once they ran out of space, they actually chewed right through the bug screens!  About half of our screens have been breached, all in this spot.  Something to think about.

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