Adding the Last of the Cedar Panelling to the Sauna

With warmer weather came a more open attitude towards doing work in unheated areas.  The first one that came to my mind was the sauna – yes it was warm when we had spent a few hours heating it but, in the meantime, it was generally only a few degrees warmer than the ambient forest.
I had managed to put up the vapour barrier in the form of aluminum foil in the fall, but then we had spent the winter sitting in a plastic chair in the steam room while waiting for me to finish off the remainder.
Another factor contributing to the slow pace of work was the lack of available cedar paneling.  I had managed to get some 4″ v-joint, but because I had already done half the sauna in 6″, I was reluctant to change part way through.  (The 4″ my father put up in our bathroom, making it look fantabulous.)
Finally some 6″ was available and I picked up 43 pieces.  I had guesstimated that I would need 36.
Grandpa dropped by that morning shortly after I had set up the cutting table and offered to help out.  I gave him the required lengths and he cut up the nicest looking pieces as required.  We managed to bang out the first wall before lunch!  The second wall was slightly trickier, as this was the wall with the stove and my new-fangled metal shield around it.

The first wall looks good!

We loosened the nuts on the bolts as we went, and I slipped about an inch or so of the panelling in behind the edges of the steel transition.

The transition around the stove looking good!

This turned out better than I expected, and looks really good.  When I tightened down the nuts again, the transition came on nice and tight to the wall.  It looks better on the inside AND outside now.  We worked our way up and had the entire steam room panelled by midafternoon.
On a roll, I proceeded to light the stove, and then put up our benches.  No more sitting in a chair by ourselves!  Kenny and I could go back to our extensive conversations about Minecraft and the other video games that he was imagining should exist.

I decide to install the benches right away.

Much more conducive to real sauna conversation

In the end, through Grandpa’s judicious cutting techniques around the stove and windows, we only needed 29 pieces, so I returned 14 to Howie’s.
Slowly but surely little things get finished around here.  As summer approaches the hope is that the pace will increase, but we take life as it comes.

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