Water is Flowing!

Sorry it’s been awhile between updates – I’ve been having lots of trouble with my ankles for a few weeks now, and it has held me back from accomplishing much more than treading water here at the homestead.
Things had warmed up considerably in March, with temperatures beginning to bump against 0 and I think even surpass it a few times!
A few days ago we had two overcast days in a row, so I chose to run the generator – what a difference it makes to run the generator when it isn’t almost 20 below.  It starts up on the third pull, and runs nice and smooth.
Anyway, having made the decision to run the generator for a few hours, I also opted to switch on the heating cable between the cabin and sauna tanks – it was mostly as a lark, but lo and behold, after about an hour, suddenly water began to pour out of the kitchen faucet!

Donna was in the city working on a personal project, so Kenny and I did our happy dance, tested the bathroom to confirm, and then enjoyed an afternoon of doing load after load of previously procrastinated laundry.

All winter we had schlepped water from the sauna to fill the washing machine, then for the rinse.  Not to mention washing dishes, cooking and drinking (hmmm, I guess I just DID mention it…)
Anyway, it is so totally thrilling to have water flowing here again.  The simple things in life I guess!

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