Update to the Outlander Gear Shifter Break

As you may know, the shifter arm on my Outlander ATV snapped off a few days ago.

After having a small section of threaded rod welded alongside the round stock of the shifter, it was a relatively simple task to reinstall it on the Outlander.  I took the opportunity presented by having the side panel off to adjust the linkage arm so that the positions of the shifter accurately corresponded to the gear that the transmission was in.

You can just see the tip of the threaded rod reinforcement here.

A better view of the threaded rod laid in front of the existing shifter.

At first it was a very challenging shift, but that quickly calmed down as the newly reinforced shifter wore the plastic slot away at key friction points.

Between the adjusted linkages and the stiffened shifter arm, I have to declare that at least while I cleared up our latest snowfall from the driveway, things were performing better than they ever have.

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