A New Cider Brewing Experiment

With my first cider brewing post being so popular, I decided to post an update to my super simple recipe for generating hard cider here on the homestead.

Finding good Wellesley Brand Apple Cider here in Thunder Bay has proved to be a challenge, so now I’m content with just buying Allen’s Rougemont brand in plastic bottles, removing a half a cup, and adding a few grains of yeast.

Sitting on the warming closet for a week or two is all it takes to go to 5% alcohol by volume (based on my hydrometer).
Note the bulging bottles on the left – make sure you keep the caps loose when you put them back on!

Bottle it in some Grolsch gurdles with a quarter teaspoon of white sugar, and then sit it on the shelf until just before drinking, when you pop it in the fridge, and you’re golden!

2 thoughts on “A New Cider Brewing Experiment”

  1. It's pretty durn simple if I do say so myself. Donna last night said she thinks it is definitely superior to some of the commercial ciders she has had, and it is at least half the price or less.


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