A Positive Experience with a Spray Foam Installation

When Ranta Contracting quoted us on our cabin roof, I accepted the significantly increased price tag and had the roof and gables insulated with spray foam.  It doesn’t take much research to realize that it is probably the best product one can install in their building.  The cost is more up front, but it saves so much on work and future heating costs, that it must be seriously considered in any construction endeavour.

The insulation was installed by Thunder Bay Insulations and has performed great for the past year, keeping the loft of the cabin constantly toasty warm.

I was surprised and bemused to discover on our return from the tropical heat of southern Ontario that a few long, but thin cracks had appeared in the south side of the roof.

A quick conversation with Kyle at Ranta, and we had an appointment in short order with the owner of the insulation company.

He was quite surprised and overly apologetic when he saw the cracks.  We are using the working theory that the cabin has settled slightly unevenly, causing the dramatic stress fractures on the foam.

In short order he personally set up his ladder and repaired the cracks.  I am more than satisfied with my experience with him, and would happily recommend his company to anyone else, as I’m sure standard construction techniques are free from these sorts of dangers.

Thank goodness that’s one less thing I have to obsess or worry about!

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