Water Freezes, Thaws, Freezes, Thaws – Already!

As I have outlined here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here, we have had no shortage of issues with frozen water lines here on the homestead.  It is perhaps one of the major defining issues that we have encountered here.

I have said a few times of late that if we have any more problems, I will bite the bullet and have a well drilled, and we will install a pressure tank and heat line and live with the consequences.  Of course, that’s probably outside of our current budget.  We are now on full lockdown of expenses until we can pay down our line of credit a bit more.

In any case, I digress, back to the story.  I was thrilled yesterday morning when I returned with some logs that Grandpa and I were working at harvesting, to have Donna report that there was no water flowing in the cabin.  A quick check of the tanks in the sauna showed that there was water available.  Sigh.  We should have warmed the sauna the night before, but we were too busy/tired and didn’t feel completely icky.

My lazy/bright idea was for Donna to start up the sauna right away and we’d just warm the whole building.  I suspected that it was the line in the sauna that was frozen – earlier in the morning I had been able to fill a kettle from the cabin, so the water in the line itself must have been able to flow.

After a number of hours, we were thrilled to suddenly have the water flowing again!  An easy fix – and it conveniently gave us an excuse for an earlier sauna.  I think we will have to really stick to an every other day schedule for saunas for now.  Grandpa even suggested putting on a single fire every day, to ensure that the sauna stays above freezing.

Feeling quite high and happy about having water back in the cabin, and a second sunny day to brighten my time in the bush, I advised Donna to do as many loads of laundry as she could find time to do.

When she again reported no water, I figured no problem – we had likely drained the sauna tanks.  I was certain that the water between the tanks and the cabin were flowing without issue.

I headed over to the sauna, sat down with my cellphone to play a round of hearts, and turned on the pump.  After five minutes, there still was no water.  Sigh.  Now the well was frozen.

Time to try my new thawing cable!  I turned on the power to the thawing cables in the well, and suggested to Donna to set a timer for twenty minutes  Of course, I was still splitting and piling wood, so I let the time drag out to more like a half hour.  I turned on the pump, left the thawing cable turned on, and proceeded to park the ATV.

After ten or fifteen minutes, I returned to the sauna, and the delightful sound of water splashing into the tanks!  I think my new thawing cable has paid dividends already!  Oh happy day!

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  1. Something as simple as flowing water we take for granted. I love reading these every time you write a new one. I may not comment on all of them but I am definitely reading them all.


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