Papa Panels the Bathroom, Nana Learns About Minecraft

October found us blessed with a visit from my parents, Nana and Papa.  We were so excited to be hosting them again after not having seen them since my brother’s wedding in August, and not hosting them since the spring!

Kenny and I stopped at Maier Hardware to order up the new inverter, and of course, Dave and I spent more time than expected chatting about the ins and outs of my system.  You aren’t going to find someone better suited to the do it yourselfer than Dave at Maier.

Nana and Papa arrived slightly earlier than predicted, but Kenny and I managed to discipline ourselves to also be at the aeroport a bit early, so we only had to wait a few moments to be treated to the sight of Nana and Papa coming down the short hallway to us.

We stopped at a few places on the way home to pick up some last minute supplies, as well as let Nana and Papa drop by Minute Muffler on Memorial where they were treated amazingly well.  I think it’s safe to say that they can’t recommend this shop enough.  Of course, out in Lappe here, KC Automotive is my mechanic of choice!

After settling in, Papa and I set to work improving things around the homestead.  While I plugged away in the sauna, putting in a vapour barrier and paneling, Papa went from door to door ensuring that they swung freely and no longer stuck (a problem that developed early and only got worse as the logs settled).

Once he had the doors operating nicely, he moved on to our bathroom, adding insulation to all the walls and ceiling, and then panelling it with 4″ v-joint cedar boards I had picked up at Howie’s.

Meanwhile, Kenny kept Nana hopping by showing her the ins and outs of Minecraft.  It was also very gratifying to see her coax him off of the screens from time to time to get outside or snuggle or practise more traditional homeschool type activities.

Thanks for capturing Kenny’s best angle Nana!

Then, all too quickly, we were taking them back to the aeroport to return to southern Ontario.  We were so happy to have them here with us, and appreciate all they are and all they do.  It will be exciting to see them again over the holidays!

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