The Roof Rake – an Early Review

So a short while ago the fellow who built our roof and mounted our solar panels came back to squirt a little more foam insulation into a few voids that were developing condensation problems. While here, I pointed out my construction techniques on my porch, and he thought it looked pretty good.  He did have … Read more

Updating our Solar Power System – Modified Sine Wave and 12 Volts to Pure Sine Wave and 24 Volts

And now the circle is complete.  I have upgraded every single component in our original solar power system – so I have a second system in parts that I will likely try to put together on my future workshop. As exciting as it is to join the big(ger) boys club with the new system, I … Read more

Closing up the Foundation Vents on the Cabin and Sauna

When the sauna and cabin were constructed, I wanted to ensure some cross ventilation in the crawl spaces, so I put in two vents on opposite corners of the sauna, and four vents in the corners of the cabin. On Grandpa’s recommendation, I crawled under the buildings last fall and thumped some solid foam rectangles … Read more

A Cold Start to November

November 1st proved to be a bit “invigourating” as Papa would say. Our pond froze over, but I could see small “pulses” around the solar water fountain as it still struggled to aerate its small part of things. Perhaps most importantly, it reminded us that winter really is coming, and helped encourage me to finish … Read more