Keeping my Deep Cycle Batteries Warm in Winter

All batteries suffer from a diminished capacity as the temperature drops.  We all can appreciate this effect from our Canadian winter experiences with difficult starts, block heaters and battery heaters.  My deep cycle batteries are no exception.

The past two winters I have relied on the battery box I first built as a template for most of my construction techniques since.  In addition, I have packed the batteries in extra closed cell foam, and then last year in two surplus picnic coolers donated by Mummu and Grandpa.

With the porch on the cabin this year, I intend to have them out on the porch for the winter.  But still, they must have some protection.

From Home Depot, I purchased an inexpensive outdoor storage box that seemed to have good overall dimensions.  I supplemented this with two, two by eight foot sheets of 3″ insulation, cut to fit inside the box as precisely as possible.  One sheet on the bottom, which I expect will buckle under the weight of the batteries.

I believe the end result sure looks good.  There is a tight fit for the batteries, and they will be better insulated than they previously have been.  It will be interesting to see just how well they can retain their heat as the winter progresses.

Now that the box is complete and ready for the batteries, I have decided to also upgrade our inverter from the Mastercraft 3000W we have been using since the beginning of our endeavour here.  Watch for the changeover in my upcoming posts.

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