A Ladder for the Sauna

Having the water tanks in the loft of the sauna has been working rather well for us – at least, during the portions of the year where we can keep them from freezing up.

Having them up there has made it a bit challenging to examine them for leaks or cleanliness.

For most of the summer I had put off checking on them.  I didn’t notice any water except when we overpumped the tanks, in which case the water just dripped right through the ceiling.

My ladders were always in use elsewhere.  Finally I decided to mount a permanent ladder in the sauna.  This ladder could also double as a drying rack for towels or fundoshi.

With a pair of 2×6 cedar beams, and an 8′ hardwood dowel, I was able to churn out a really nice looking ladder in the span of an afternoon.

Grandpa donated six tiny L brackets, and I soon had it mounted.  I didn’t run the ladder right to the floor, so it is suspended from the wall.  I must confess that it still makes me nervous to climb it – my imagination is able to graphically picture the ladder coming away from the wall and sending me crashing down.

So far, it has performed perfectly though.  And it looks really nice to boot!  The sauna is really coming along.  Stay tuned for more tweaks.

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