Kenny Bakes Biscuits

One of the reminders of the time we spent with our friends the C! family is the dry goods they have left with us.

They must really love pancakes, as when they left, I counted no less than four different boxes of various pancake/biscuit mixes.  (Although I freely confess that one of them at least was ours…)

As such, Donna has made pancakes for us once, and the other night, I suggested that if Kenny wanted to have some sort of sweet pastry after supper, maybe he could mix up some biscuits and take advantage of the surplus baking time the already ticking woodstove was supplying.

Kenny jumped in eagerly, and the two of us were able to quickly and easily put together a half of a baker’s dozen of round balls of biscuit dough.

Popping them into the oven just before supper, we were already anticipating the doughy goodness awaiting us.

After a delicious Mama meal, we waited the requisite time, and then together were able to enjoy the fruits of our labour.  Kenny with butter and jam, and myself with jam and (oh so decadent) whipped cream!

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