Servicing the ATV

After having used the ATV since January without doing any maintenance, I decided that at the very least it was deserving of an oil change.

I did some quick searches online, as the location of the filter isn’t immediately obvious, and I don’t have the manual.  It appears that it isn’t a big job, as long as one is prepared to take off some of the body panels and monkey around with things.

At this point, with winter wood still to be brought in, and other prep work to be done on the sauna and cabin, I opted to let my local mechanic, KC Automotive, take a crack at it instead.  Graciously they let me borrow their ramps and with some trepidation, I loaded the ATV into the back of the truck.  Miraculously without smashing into the back window of the cab!

With the ATV buckled down, she was ready for her trip to the doctor, hopefully just for a checkup to ensure a full winter of ploughing and hauling wood. 

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