A Poor-Man's Log "Arch"

Currently I try to skid logs out of the bush in winter; this has the advantage of keeping them much cleaner and easier to move, as they can travel on the snow.  In order to open up the possibility of moving logs in summer, I often wonder what it would be like to have a log arch for myself.

The problem is that log arches are neither cheap nor plentiful.

The other day, when I saw a small “cart” for moving trailers around, I immediately perceived new possibilities.  At $60, I felt it was cheap enough that it was worth experimenting with.

It came with a ball hitch for the trailers, and I was at first reluctant to try to remove that.  As such, I had put together an elaborate “cap” for the hitch consisting of some 2″ ABS pipe fittings.  I could see that it wouldn’t last, and started searching for a replacement in metal pipe.

Then, in the bolt aisle of the local Home Depot, I realized that I could probably remove that ball hitch and replace it with an eye bolt instead.  This allowed me to size it for some cheap gas pipe which extended the lifting force of the “arch”.

Another U bolt, some washers, and I was on my way, excited to see what I could put together.

I set it up, and it seemed to work.  J! and I headed to the bush to put it to a real test – I brought my chainsaw, and cut two tiny 8′ logs to skid back.

It looked very precarious, but it held!  I even went back and brought in two more logs – and it still held up!

At this point, I still haven’t brought in anything of substantial size.  That may have to wait until snow is on the ground.  As well, I realize that at least where firewood is concerned, it isn’t that efficient to bring in such small quantities – my trailer may be more suited for that.  I guess it’s back to trying to keep my trailer running!  But for logs I may want to cut for lumber, I think it has possibilities, even if I will ultimately have to beef it up in some areas.

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