Keeping my Deep Cycle Batteries Warm in Winter

All batteries suffer from a diminished capacity as the temperature drops.  We all can appreciate this effect from our Canadian winter experiences with difficult starts, block heaters and battery heaters.  My deep cycle batteries are no exception. The past two winters I have relied on the battery box I first built as a template for … Read more

Upgrading the Sauna Stove

As part of the overall upgrades on the sauna, I wanted to switch out the concrete board I had originally used to “frame” the sauna stove on the inside and outside of the log walls. When I first installed the sauna stove and concrete board, I thought that it would be a nice, permanent solution. … Read more

Things That go BEEP in the Night – A Refrigerator on Solar Power

Having an upright refrigerator with freezer compartment sure has been a nice addition to the cabin. While the previously created downright fridge (as compared to an upright fridge ;)) that I created by converting our chest freezer to a refrigerator worked very well for us for almost two years, we had to admit that it … Read more

Kenny Bakes Biscuits

One of the reminders of the time we spent with our friends the C! family is the dry goods they have left with us. They must really love pancakes, as when they left, I counted no less than four different boxes of various pancake/biscuit mixes.  (Although I freely confess that one of them at least … Read more

Servicing the ATV

After having used the ATV since January without doing any maintenance, I decided that at the very least it was deserving of an oil change. I did some quick searches online, as the location of the filter isn’t immediately obvious, and I don’t have the manual.  It appears that it isn’t a big job, as … Read more

Flooring for the Sauna

With the sauna floor now (successfully?) parged and sealed, it was immediately evident that walking on concrete, even in summer, is remarkably cold and uncomfortable in bare feet. I had always envisioned some sort of easily draining mats to make it easier on bare, or slipper-clad feet.  My first thoughts had generally trended towards picking … Read more

Cutting Firewood

Last year we burned through my four woodsheds, and still needed more. This year I am hoping to seal the cabin and sauna better, and as such, anticipate that I won’t quite need the same amount of firewood to see me through. As such, we had already seen snow, and I only had two and … Read more