Strapping the Cabin Porch

With L! helping to parge the sauna floor, I was freed up to begin work on strapping the roof of the cabin porch.

I had already purchased the straps and had them on the truck, ready for unloading.

In short order I manage to installed one or two straps and by that time, I was prepared to call it a day.

The next morning I headed back up and began plugging away when who should appear but Grandpa, offering his assistance!  I gladly accepted and together we were able to make rapid progress.

I spaced out four rows of straps on my six foot rafters.  One strap butted up against the cabin, one flush with the ends of the rafters, and the other two spaced at about two foot increments.

In the corners I was satisfied with the straps having a slight gap.  The steel would probably not meet up completely in the corners either, but I had a hip flashing to cover any gaps that may appear.

I even had time to begin work on a permanent ladder for cleaning the chimney (and perhaps sweeping the  solar panels…)

Grandpa very generously suggested we could use their sauna while we waited for the parging to finish drying in mine.  I appreciated it very much, especially knowing that it meant Mummu felt obliged to give it a good cleaning before we trooped in to scrub up.

I have three small 16″ pieces to place yet, and then we are ready for the steel.

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