Continuing on With the Cabin Porch

Well, it has been a slow progressing summer here for me, and so I’ll just offer a quick apology for the length of time between posts.

As I finished up the main construction of the sauna porch, I began to move over to the cabin porch.  I followed very similar techniques and style, with a few significant differences due to the time frame of construction that took place on both buildings.

This also coinceded with me hosting my friend and his two daughters for an extended visit.  This is nice, as they are planning on moving out of the country this winter and we wanted to be sure that the kids could have a good chance to play together before they left for warmer climes.  It was nice that we were able to share the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition with them!

The past few weeks I have also been spending in southern Ontario with my family to help my brother celebrate his marriage to a beautiful and wonderful young lady.  That was heaps of fun, and it was nice to see Kenny even come around and participate as their ring-bearer!  We were so proud of him!

On the other hand, this trip also plagued me with more homesickness than I expected.  Maybe it was mostly for the foods I remember from Kitchener-Waterloo, or seeing how great a community it was and continues to become.  I also was feeling extremely run-down (possibly a side effect of some of my latest medications), which didn’t help me to feel enthused about the work I had left to accomplish at the homestead before winter truly sets in.  Or, most likely of all, it was re-experiencing activities Kenny and I had done when he was little, and missing those times now that he is growing all too quickly into a young man.

This past labour-day weekend also didn’t help with its reminders of the end of summer and back to school type of narrative :(.

In any case, things at the homestead do keep getting better month on month and year on year, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

As for the porch on the cabin, I was able to make it about nine inches higher than on the sauna, which should help a bit with light and open-ness.

Also helping with opening things up was my work at clearing the trees around the cabin.  Judicious use of straps helped to ensure no serious mishaps with trees falling against my handiwork.

Before I left, I was able to get the rafters and most floor joists installed, so the next big job will be to strap the rafters and install the steel.

As with the sauna, the floor joists were on 12″ centres so that I could feel more comfortable using true 1″ rough cut boards for the decking.  The rafters were on 18″ centres, hopefully that will be sufficient for the snow load they are due to experience.

There are a number of other jobs pending as well, hopefully my friend will have more free time to help out with those, and then perhaps my parents can visit us once before Christmas so that they can keep an eye on Kenny while Donna and I work on some of our other projects.

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