Processing Slabs for Firewood

Just like last winter, I burned through my entire supply of firewood while there was still snow on the ground, and was forced to scrounge.

Luckily Papa was here and raring to go – in the morning after his trip to the Tardis, it appeared that he dug out a bunch of slabs from down by the sawmill.  Working together, we managed to pull out a few more slabs and then I set up the sawhorses and prepared the chainsaw.

Papa continued pulling out all the slabs he could move, and when he couldn’t budge any more, I fired up the saw and he began loading bins with the cut lengths.

I did put one or two ratchet straps around the bundles on the sawhorses to keep things from flying everywhere, but had to adjust the spacing until stove length was easily attainable. (I have to recut a few boards that Donna and I simply cannot fit into our stoves.)

It sure was nice to see the pile of slabs in our woodshed though.  I was pretty sure that there was enough there to see us through until the snow was gone and I could retrieve more windfalls from the 100 acre wood.  Of course, things are a bit cooler now, and I see fifteen below predicted for this coming week, so maybe I’ll have to repeat the process by myself if winter hangs on much longer.

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