Cinnamon Buns in the Baker's Choice Wood Cookstove

I suppose I haven’t written much about cooking on the woodstove lately, so as per my one request, here’s a few things we’ve noticed.

The top of the stove discolours very rapidly in use.  It isn’t unaesthetic, it just loses its stainless finish quickly while under heat.

Depending on how hot-burning the wood is that you use, and how you arrange the ventilation into the fire box, you can obtain quite a bit of heat, or frustratingly little.

Donna feels that with the oven door shut, the stove doesn’t give off nearly as much heat to the cabin.  I’m not so sure, but we haven’t done any tests of even a rudimentary nature to find out if this is true.  The instructions for the stove certainly DO recommend that one leave the oven door open if the stove is to be used as a space heater.

With the oven door shut, it hasn’t been particularly difficult to attain extremely high temperatures in the oven box.  We often “bury” the thermometer needle.  In these cases, we have cracked the oven door open for a few minutes until it settles down closer to the suggested temperature for whatever we have inside.

While most of our baking has been limited to frozen entrees, the arrival of Aunt V! was a time for her to flex her baking skills – with awesome and delicious results!  Luckily Donna took notes, and I’m sure we’ll soon be drowning in tasty treats!

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