Cleaning our Baker's Choice Woodstove

First off, I should make it clear that while I was involved last month when Donna and I cleaned out the stove for the very first time, I was a lazy lump this time around and it was all Kenny and Donna who dealt with this dusty, (slow but perhaps bound to get quicker as we get more comfortable with it) job.

Based on previous experience, we would suggest cleaning the stove from the higher areas first, and working your way down to the bottom.

First off, lift the right hand ring and get the ashes that build up on top of the oven box.

It’s worth noting that Suppertime Stoves (the manufacturer of the Baker’s Choice) supplies this handy cleaning tool with the stove.

Next up is the firebox itself.  Even though the instructions make it sound like the bottom grates are intended for use with coal, we found them very handy to “rock” when cleaning – it drops most of the ashes down into the ash pan below.

Remove the pan, and then you can clean the area around and under where the pan sits.

Spreading lots of newspaper on the floor helps a lot to control the ashes.  Note the cute nose photobombing the lower left of the picture.

With that finished, unscrew the plate under the oven box to reveal the access hole there.

It takes a bit of a knack to feel around under the box, as there are some obstacles.  It also behooves one to try to extend the cleaning wand into the smaller box under the stovepipe to clean out the ashes that may accumulate there.

But, with that taken care of, you are treated to a clean, hotter burning, and safer stove to serve as the heart of your cabin!

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