Replacing the Yanmar 155D Tractor with a Bombardier Outlander XT ATV (first impressions)

With the ongoing “Polar Vortex” dropping even more -30 degree weather on us for days and days at a time, it was clear that the Yanmar was NOT up to the task of ploughing out our driveway or skidding logs. I can confirm that it was getting more and more difficult to use it as … Read more

Internet on the Homestead – AT&T Mifi vs. Motorola Canopy via TBayTel

In as much as we are choosing simplicity (or at least, professing to), we are part of a generation that would find life without internet access to be a bit too primitive and limiting to stomach. Like any other tool, the internet has the capability to do as much harm as benefit.  One can easily … Read more