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Grandpa Goes Above And Beyond!

snow-covered firewood.So on Monday after compiling my woes, I did make a small effort to count my blessings. I moaned about having to purchase firewood now that I can’t drive the tractor back into the bush.

You can only imagine the wash of feelings that came over me when I returned to the yurts last night to find a load of firewood piled neatly by the woodshed!

Grandpa had roundly showed me up by cutting up one of my trees in the morning, and then spending his afternoon hauling it out on a sled…

I really can’t begin to express my thanks! But it certainly underlines my observation that this venture would not have been remotely as successful without the help of Grandpa and Mummu!

Now he’s not just given me a load of wood, but shown me what else can be accomplished by just going out and doing it – rather than bemoaning your woes.

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