Roofing Materials Arrived!

Just as we were preparing to head to Nipigon for another fantastic visit with Aunt A! and Uncle E!, the lumber truck arrived from Peterson’s to drop off the boards and sheets that will be used to construct the cabin roof.

I “helped” the fellow unload (really more a matter of chatting while he used his remote control boom to offload the materials) and then rushed over to Mummu and Grandpa’s to hitch the ride to Nipigon.

Grandpa remarked on my natty workpants, and Mummu threw in a comment about my sawdusty fleece sweater, and sent me back home to change into appropriate clothes for a classy visit with my in-laws.

Returning in (hopefully) more suitable attire, we headed off for a super evening of great food, and stimulating conversation.

Coming back late at night, we stumbled to bed, well fed, but cold.

Talk about a winter wonderland when I woke up the next morning!

It took me three hours to get the driveway cleared to this point.  The first ploughing of the season.  Surely not the last, but hopefully it won’t get as dire as it did last year.

Returning to the sauna I saw that the snow had slid down considerably.  I’m not thinking I would want to spend time under the edge of the porch!

I dusted off our building materials, and am excited to get started with the roofers!

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