Installing Windows and Doors in the Cabin

This part went pretty smoothly.

Thanks to our friend B! who had helped me work out how to properly install the windows and doors in the sauna, I had the techniques and confidence to repeat the same thing on the cabin.

Again, it was basically a matter of only attaching the window or door at the bottom, and then building a sort of pocket frame around it to allow the sides and top of the opening to slide down within the frame as the logs finished settling.  I am really looking forward to next year when I hope/plan on fastening the windows and doors directly to the logs for a more secure, better insulated fit.

First I obtained the patio door for the south side of the cabin, and installed it in short order with a bit of help from Grandpa.

The two small windows in the bathroom and pantry followed in short order.

Next up was the kitchen window, and by that time, the C! family had arrived and together J! and I got in the front door.

With J!’s assistance, we then proceeded to finish off with the patio door in the bedroom, and then, joy of joys, the two picture windows in the living room.

Donna found us in repose, enjoying a chance to take a breather from our grinding pace of work!

It sure looks great with the windows all in place.  Now, if I only had a roof!  (Yes, the second patio door isn’t in in this picture, but I wanted to show the windows here.  Trust me, all the doors are in now!)

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