The Log Cabin Roof is Insulated

Once again, these posts are a little bit delayed between things actually happening and the posts going up.  It certainly isn’t as severe as the last few posts though…  These events are all less than a week old.  It’s just that this has been a difficult time for us on the homestead.  There have been … Read more

The Log Cabin Roof Begins!!  (And a Few Solar Panel Placement Observations)

Bright and early Monday (well, shortly after eight – that’s as soon as it gets bright enough to work here in Thunder Bay now…) Ranta Construction showed up to get cracking on our cabin roof. It was amazing how quickly things appeared to go together that first day.   First some support posts at each … Read more

Frozen Water Lines Already + Bonus Review of the Panda Washing Machine

Ugh.  After a night of fourteen degrees below zero, in the late afternoon, Donna headed out to the sauna in her cold weather gear to attempt a load of laundry. She returned shortly after with photo evidence of how cold it was.  The water pails had frozen.  Sigh. At first I didn’t register any concern. … Read more