Wiring the Sauna

With the walls for the sauna framed in, it was time to get down to putting in the electrical components.
From the cabin site, I had run two extra wires to provide power from the cabin to the sauna (via my solar panels and batteries), and then a second wire to provide power from the sauna back to the cabin (so that I could run the generator out on the far side of the sauna, and have it charge up the batteries in the cabin).
The latter cable simply needed appropriate ends put on it for now.  The former, I wired up directly into the sauna’s walls.  I placed three switches inside the change room, one for each room of the sauna (change, washing-up, and steam).  In the change room I also added a light.

In the washing-up room, I put in a single light, a single GFCI outlet, which seems to work fine on my modified sine wave, as well as two switches.  One of the switches was an older timer switch I brought with me from Kitchener, which worked on the modified sine wave as well.  The new timer switch I bought didn’t like the modified sine wave, so I just put in a regular switch there.  These two switches are for my water system.  The timer switch is hooked up to my heating cable down in the well.  I can run it for up to 30 minutes at a time.  We’ll hope that we never have to use it!

The other switch just runs the water pump.  We’ll just have to turn it on and wait a bit for the water tanks to fill.  I will have to see how this ends up working for us.
The GFCI outlet is mainly for the washing machine, but should also give us the ability to plug in something else if required.
In the pictures, the mix of black and white wiring is due to me having some extra 12/2 wire from the pump, which I wanted to recycle as best as possible.

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